Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Moody (hereinafter referred to as “Moody”, “us”, “our”, “we”, or “Company”) aims to improve peoples’ lives by providing numerous services which include Ride Sharing, Buy & deliver, Window Shopping, Pick & Deliver and Moody Cash (the “Services”). These Services are owned, operated, and made available to you by ASK Services Private Limited, a company incorporated under the Companies Act 2017, bearing CUI # 0123607 with its office at 585, Block H-3, Phase II, Johar Town, Lahore, Pakistan. This Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) intends to help you comprehend the information we collect from our users visiting or using our website or application (hereinafter referred to as “user”, “you”, “your”, “yours”, “Tasker”, or “Poster”), and through other interactions and communications you have with us.

This Policy sets out the basis of how we use the information collected, and when do we use it, to provide our Services. This Policy describes our privacy practices concerning information and personal data collected in connection with the Services. You are requested to carefully read this Policy before accessing or using Services. If you do not agree with any part of this Policy, you are suggested to not use or access our Services.

We reserve the right to change, modify, add, or remove portions of this Policy at any time without any prior notification. Any such changes shall be effective as soon as we post such amendment or modification on or through our website, mobile application, communicate the same to you through email notification, or any similar means. Please check this Policy regularly for updates and amendments. Any continued performance or use of the Services shall be deemed your consent to such revised Policy.

The headings of the clauses, section, schedules etc. herein are for reference only and shall not affect the interpretation.


This Policy applies to all the users and visitors of our website or the mobile application anywhere in world who may access or use our Services as well as to any other persons who may use Moody platform. This Policy further applies to all transactions, activities, and data gathered through the use of Services.


In order to operate Moody and to provide you with information about our Services that may be of your interest, we may use your personal information. When you use our Services, we may collect personal information (i.e. information specifically utilised to contact you directly including, but not limited to, full name, phone number, email address, gender, age/birth date, government-issued Computerized National Identity Card (the “CNIC”)) (“Personal Information”) and demographic information (i.e. information which is not Personal Information; including, but not limited to, username, device information, browsing history information, device location, and IP address) (“Demographic Information”). Demographic Information is further categorized into two types: private information including, but not limited to, transaction information and communication or interaction between Posters and Taskers or with customer support of Moody (for details, refer to the last paragraph of this Policy); and public information, that includes other demographic information. Personal Information along with Demographic Information is referred as “Personal Data” herein.

A. Data Provided By Users:

Mobile Application Sign-Up

We may collect Personal Data including, but not limited to, name, contact number at the time a Poster registers with us through our mobile application. The Poster may be required to provide email address at its discretion. However, in case of Tasker, we may also collect contact number, CNIC, photograph, and vehicle identification card in addition to payment or banking information and Tasker driver’s license number.

Background Check And Identity Verification

Background verification is done for all Taskers using OTP via phone number through a third-party. Further, we share your email address with a third party for the verification purposes if phone number is not provided for verification purposes. You hereby represent and warrant that you have the authority to provide us with any such contact information.

User Content

We may collect the information that users submit while interacting and communicating with our customer support. We further share device tokens with third party via which we send notifications to the user’s device. This may also include any feedbacks or suggestions that the user provides.

B. Data Collected During Use Of Services:

Website/Landing Page

When you browse our website/landing page (, we may collect the Internet Protocol (IP) address of the device you are using and cookies (small files that we embed on your computer, only if you consent to it) to enable our system to recognize your browser and capture and retain certain information. We collect this data so that we can identify why our visitors are dropping out of the website and to identify areas of improvement to make the experience more engaging for you. You hereby represent and warrant that you comprehend and agree that all information collected by Moody are utilized to enhance the security of our user and Services.

When filling any form including, without limitation, the contact us form, at the completion of entering your contact information, your IP address is no longer anonymous, and we shall be able to identify you by combination of your IP address and contact information.

Location Data

We may collect precise location data from user’s mobile device provided that the user has enabled the GPS. The user is asked to provide permission to use location data once the Moody application is opened. Moody collects the location data when the Moody app is running on-screen or in background of their mobile devices. It is mandatory for us to collect your location data to provide precise and accurate information. Being the essence of our mobile application, we continue to collect location data for the Tasker at all times which feature cannot be switched off; however, we only collect location data for the Poster at the time of posting of a task, the Poster may also disable this feature at its choice afterwards.

Transaction Data

We may collect transaction information with regards to your use of our Services including, but not limited to, Services requested by the Poster and provided by the Tasker, delivery information, date and time the service was provided, payment details, and payment method selected.

Usage Data

We may collect information regarding how users interacted with our Services including, but not limited to, date and time of access, app crash report, and app features used. We may further collect data used in completion of the tasks including, but not limited to, text messages, voice messages, and attachments. Such data is secured and could not be accessed without authentication and validation of the user who owns it. We may also collect data through use or capture of cookies.


We may collect your emails to customize your record and send you solicitations or updates related to our application; this is not a mandatory requirement; it is completely upon your discretion if you want to receive this information.

Third Parties

We may collect your information for third-parties including, but not limited to, individual verification through OTP/email or OTP/phone-number verification services, insurance partners, money-related specialists etc. Regardless, we will never sell or lease your data to any third party.


We may use Personal Data which you provide to us or we collect from you including, but not limited to:

  • Improve our Services to ensure user satisfaction.
  • Maintain and provide new features and improving customer support for both Taskers and Posters.
  • Develop and ensure safety features for mobile application.
  • Send communication based on your interest, for instance, promotions, news, and updates.


We may share your Personal Data which you provide to us or we collect from you to:

We may share the Personal Data that we collect from you that may include, but not limited to, your name, contact details, or location with the Tasker that is connected to you in order to provide you Services that you opt from our application. This information is required for the Tasker to contact you, locate you, and/or complete your order/request.

We may only share your information with the third parties whose services we are taking in regards of the purpose to pursue our business such as our payment service providers.

We may share your Personal Data with other third parties when necessary to fulfil your requests for Services to complete an order that you initiated. However, third parties must comply with their privacy policy regarding the protection and privacy of the shared Personal Data of our users.

However, we shall never sell or rent your Personal Data to any third-party.

We may likewise utilize or share your Personal Data with third parties when we have reason to believe that doing so is necessary to comply with applicable law or a court order, subpoena, or other legal process; to investigate, prevent, or take action regarding illegal suspected fraud; violations of our terms and conditions; or situations involving threats to our Posters and/or Taskers.


We use all reasonable endeavours to maintain the security of your Personal Data and to protect the same from misuse, intervention, loss due to unauthorised access, modifications, or disclosures. All the data is stored in the application’s back office. We delete all the data once it is no longer required under the terms of this Policy.

Your Moody account is password-protected so that only you and authorised Moody’s employees have access to your account information. Moody’s staff shall never proactively reach out to you and ask for any information related to your account access including your password.

Moody takes pride in ensuring that your Personal Data is kept safe and secure. Moody has dedicated staff for respecting and implementing this Policy. However, no data transmission over the internet can ever be 100% protected. Therefore, we do not guarantee the security of any Personal Data you provide to us. You hereby represent and warrant that you understand that you share your Personal Data at your own risk. For any further details regarding this, you may refer to our Terms and Conditions or get in touch with our privacy team. To the extent permitted by the law, Moody expressly disclaims any liability that may arise in an event if any unauthorised individual or third party obtains or gets access to the Personal Data you submit to us.


You may correct your factual errors in your Personal Information by using the Moody’s application and editing your information by selecting the “Settings” option and making the desired changes.


You may opt out of receiving promotional and latest announcements of software updates and Services by simply unsubscribing. If you may like to stop receiving emails from us, please send us an email requesting in detail to unsubscribe any specific (or all) email subscriptions.


  • Financial transactions relating to our application and Services are handled by our payment service provider; Jazz Cash, or any partner banks in Pakistan for direct online payment transfer from your bank or Jazz Cash to our “Moody Account” or, if required, vice versa.
  • Moody Account is integrated with Jazz Cash or any partner banks in Pakistan to recharge or withdraw amount from the Moody Account.
  • To fulfil the purposes stated, we may need to share your Personal Information with any of our payment or banking partners.


We may retain a bare minimum of your Personal Data to carry out a data analysis or data mapping to prevent you from making another account. Moreover, we may need the same to prevent duplicate accounts being made by any user(s).

For any reason whatsoever, in case your Moody Account is deactivated or blocked, your Personal Information shall remain available in our database. In case you want us to delete the same or you intend to regain access of your Moody Account, you may contact us through our customer support page and submit a request.


We may update and amend this Policy anytime without any prior notice. In case of any significant changes related to how we treat your Personal Data or to the protection or security strategy, we will give you a notice through the notification section of the mobile application. Your continued use after such notification will establish your consent and agreement to the most recent terms of this Policy.


Our Services, related to the Tasker, are directed towards adults of and above eighteen (18) years and we do not intend to provide Services to Taskers below this age. However, our Services for Posters are directed towards individuals of and above thirteen (13) years and we do not intend to provide Services to Posters below this age. We require that all users represent to us that they are of the age required hereabove. We record the date of birth you provide which is considered a declaration from anyone using our application that they are above the age of majority at the time we acquire their Personal Information or Demographic Information.


From time to time, we may record anonymized and aggregated data about our users, Posters, and/or Taskers, for example, by distributing a report on patterns in the utilization of our Services. We intend and strive to keep this procedure anonymous and limited to selected few of Moody’s staff.


You may register or report your complaint at the details given at the end of this Policy.

We shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, exemplary, punitive, or consequential damages, including, but not limited to, lost profits, lost data, theft, fraud, personal injury, or property damage related to, in connection with, or otherwise resulting from any acts or omissions in connection with this Policy. However, we take all the complaints seriously and assure you that we shall do our best to accommodate your concern and give a satisfactory outcome.


Moody may utilize the following third-party cookies and technologies:

We use third party cookies including, but not limited to, Google Analytics, Cloudflare, and Mouse flow, for the purpose of making user-experience better. We may also use pixel tags (usually in combination with cookies) from third parties described below to get information about your usage of our website and Services, and your interaction with us through email or other means of communications. We do not use cookies to identify you personally but only to gain useful knowledge about how our website and Services are used so we can keep improving it for our users. Please note that if you limit the ability of website to use cookies, you may be unable to access certain parts of our website or mobile application, and may not be able to benefit from its full functionality.

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Types of Cookies

A. Strictly Necessary


We use these cookies to maximize network resources, manage traffic, and protect our site from malicious traffic. We use them to know how users interact with our website which allows us to make user experience better.

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For concerns or complaints related to privacy:

If you have any questions, comments, or requests related to this Policy statement or how we store or process your Personal Data, please feel free to email us at

For concerns or complaints related to privacy:

If you have any questions or requests for our technical or IT team, please feel free to email us at

For concerns or complaints related to privacy:

If you have any general questions or comments, please feel free to email us at

Policy Last Updated:

June 9th, 2021