Moody’s API for Enterprises

Moody expands your business by
 facilitating your delivery process

Moody expands your
business by
facilitating your
delivery process

Integrate Moody's API in your existing apps or website now and keep the
connection with your users with just one click.

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API service tailored to your
business needs

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Product Delivery

We eliminate the gap between customers and
businesses. With Moody’s API service, many
businesses can deliver their products easily to
customers and expanding their business growth.

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Cash on Delivery

We deliver your product to customers, receive the
money of this product directly from them, and give
this money to you with full responsibility. Moody
always strives to improve your business service.

How do we make it easy for enterprises?

From delivering products to receiving their amount and
transferring it to you, we provide a service that makes delivery
process easier and better, whether you do some home
business or from technology sector, or have food business.

Through Moody’s API, perform the following steps


Select the service and enter your pick-up and drop-up location



Enter details of package i.e, weight (according to
bike), dimensions, and other information. Moody API will generate rent accordingly.



Moody will assign a tasker that will perform your task.



After delivering product, Tasker will transfer the
product’s price to you responsibly.

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Moody’s API service strives to improve
the quality of your business

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Customer Relations

Moody increases your business
growth and strengthens your
relationships with customers.

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Reliable Services

You focus on profit, Moody is
taking full responsibility for
your product delivery service.

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Fast and Convenient

Complete your day-to-day
business activities fastly and
conveniently and make life easier.

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Easy Payment

You can load the balance in the
Moody API account through bank
transfer, jazz cash or easy paisa.

A delivery service for all types of businesses

Make the Moody API part of your business and start using our services now.

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