About Us

Safe, responsible and
 economical services

Safe, responsible
and economical services

About Moody

Inspiring to become a nationwide economical solution to your transportation and
delivery concerns. We are determined to build a big network of taskers and customers
by offering high-end services at your doorstep. From ride sharing to your destination,
delivering goods and services to cash delivery-moody has a solution for you.

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Our vision is to make your life easy through
world-class services. We provide multiple
opportunities that will help people to earn
more and make them independent and
powerful. We are thriving to build an
awesome service provider app that
flourishes our country.


Our Mission

Our mission is to simplify and improve the lifestyle of the
people. Providing opportunities that help each other. The main
focus is to facilitate people and decrease unemployment. Our
services save your precious time and make all your delivery
service issues resolved.


Why Choose Moody?

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Economical Cost

We take pride in providing services
at very economical rates making it
easy on your pocket. Delivering a
high standard of services at very
low rates is what makes us stand
out among the rest

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Voice Messaging

Voice messaging is one of the
unique features making it more
convenient and accessible for a
layman. Anyone including senior
citizens can assign a task through
the voice message option.

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Security is our foremost priority. We
hire taskers after a thorough
screening process. Your package
delivery is our responsibility and
our taskers make sure to deliver your
package securely and promptly.

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Unique services

The moody brings an element of
ease to your life by providing
extraordinary services. Our unique
features are improving the quality
of your life from the comfort of
your couch.View our Services

Moody app for everyday needs

Download the Moody app from the play store or apple store and make your life easy.